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The First Ural River Basin Workshop
(NATO Advanced Research Workshop)

Workshop themes

- Best practices and experience in transboundary integrated water management of river basins. European Water Framework Directive, its realization and application to the Ural region. Basin Concept of Sustainable Development;
- Transboundary Protected Areas in River Basins and migratory species conservation;
- Transboundary cooperation in the management of the Ural river basin: problems and perspectives;
- Ural river basin environmental problems and holistic, interdisciplinary approaches to their resolution;
- Technologies of river ecosystem conservation and restoration. Securing natural sturgeon reproduction.
- Information technologies in the management of Ural regional economy and natural resources. Creation of GIS databases for the Ural basin. Mathematical modeling of basin natural and social systems for sustainable development;
- Education as a key factor in sustainable basin development. Amendment of existing courses and new curriculum development of interdisciplinary courses on sustainable basin development in regional Institutions of higher education;