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The First Ural River Basin Workshop
(NATO Advanced Research Workshop)

Rescue of Sturgeon Species by means of Transboundary Integrated Water management of the Ural River Basin

Orenburg, Russia, 13th-16th June, 2007

The targeted participants for the First Ural Basin Workshop are regional authorities, national/international experts and regional environment protection practitioners from both basin countries. Number of participants of the first event is limited to pre-selected key experts and officials. They will (i) share their view on the current state of the Ural sturgeon population and related ecosystem aspects, (ii) summarize the available information and identify the gaps in knowledge, (iii) set up the Steering Committee for the Sturgeon Action Plan development as well as (iv) conduct initial consultations for the establishment of the Protected Area. The fields to be covered will include different environmental disciplines and anthropogenic activities related to the well-being of sturgeon population taking into account its triple function in the river ecosystem: indicator species, flagship species and species of special concern.

This workshop is seen as the first event in a series of meetings among actors and stakeholders in international Ural river basin management and transboundary biodiversity conservation.


While being a part of the bigger initiative this Project can be seen as a standalone independent project with clearly defined and self-sufficient goals.

Goals of the First Ural Basin Workshop :
•To secure the communication of the best world practices in transboundary water management and migratory species conservation (i.e. European Water Framework Directive) to the regional national authorities and scientific communities;
•To initiate the development of Ural river basin Action Plan;
•To establish the basin-wide Sturgeon Expert Network.
•To promote the interdisciplinary holistic approach to the solution of environmental research;
•To collect, systematize and identify the gaps in existing knowledge on Ural riverine ecosystems and sturgeons;
•To raise the public awareness on the importance of sturgeon conservation in the Ural river basin and initiate the discussion of the possibilities for the Ural Sturgeon Park establishment;
•To provide the initiative on Ural Sturgeon conservation with solid scientific grounding;
•To launch the website on Ural Sturgeon Conservation and Sustainable Basin Development;
•To communicate the results of the Workshop to the local communities and wide sturgeon conservation community and to attract the attention of international environmental institutes to the priority of Ural sturgeon conservation;
•To provide the framework for further activities (including fundraising) on the Ural sturgeon conservation;
•To assist in developing and testing of the models on sturgeon life cycle as a tool in feasibility studies of rehabilitation programs

The workshop languages are English and Russian.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the NATO Security Through Science Programme and the Caspian Environmental Program.

Results of the First Ural River Basin Workshop, Orenburg, 13-16 June, 2007