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14.10.08 The URALBAS book "Rescue of Sturgeon Species in the Ural River Basin" was published by Springer Publishing House
31.08.07 Russian State Council presidium have taken place in Astrakhan
07.08.07 Police seize 268 kg of counterfeit black caviar in Moscow
02.08.07 Poached Caviar to Disappear from Stores and Restaurants
01.08.07 Russia Bans Black Caviar Catch for 10 Years
01.08.07 Russia Puts Moratorium on Sturgeon Caviar Production
15.07.07 Results of the First Ural River Basin Workshop has been finalized and approved by the workshop participants
13th-16th June, 2007
The First Ural River Basin Workshop (NATO Advanced Research Workshop)
"Rescue of Sturgeon Species by means Of Transboundary Integrated Water Management in the Ural river basin"
Orenburg, Russia